2areas actividad

In order to meet a long-standing demand raised by certain companies in the sector, Elmasa has invested considerable resources to provide a quality service that fulfils the established requirements. This contemplates the following activities:

  • Design and development of programmable logic controllers to control  water treatment plants

  • Design and development of programming solutions to implement supervisory systems (SCADA) on treatment plants.

  • Electrical design and detailed engineering to manufacture operation and protection electrical panels.

  • Design and parameterization of instrumentation equipments related to the water sector.

  • Parameterization of soft starting systems, such as frequency inverters and soft starters.

  • Design and programming of fieldbus for control systems, such as Ethernet/IP, Profibus, Modbus, DeviceNet, etc.

  • Design and programming of remote stations communication systems using 3G, Wimax, UHF, etc.