Consolidate ourselves as a national and international benchmark in water treatment, betting on talent and innovation, in a model of continuous improvement committed to service quality, sustainability, respect for the environment, and digital transformation.


Adapting to Change

Learning from our surroundings, facing present situations with flexibility, optimism and expectation.

Professional Wellbeing

Developing functions comfortably and optimistically in a secure environment where we feel proud, integrated and valued.


Getting professionally involved and giving the best we each have to offer.


Continually looking for the best way to carry out any task we undertake.


Acting consciously, sincerely and respectfully.


Knowing our own weaknesses and having the ability to listen and consider the opinion of others, recognizing their value.

Customer Orientation

Listening actively to our customers, providing the best solutions to their needs.


Believing in social welfare and contributing towards this, promoting actions that generate benefits to the community.

SDG 2030

For us, the date of application of the Sustainable Development Goals is not 2030, it was 1971, since from our beginnings we have been committed to sustainability and business values.


Social Pioneers,
Environmental Pioneers

At ELMASA Tecnología del Agua we have been pioneers in many areas, not only technological, but also those related to social and especially environmental issues. Moreover, we have been committed to the development of company ethical values since our origins, in 1971.

For the company, since its inception, the priority has always been the care for the environment, work conditions, ethical demands and social action. In this sense, we have been pioneers in the management of hydraulic infrastructures in balance with the care for the natural surroundings.

Currently we reiterate and maintain the same initial commitment promoted by our founders, who since 1971 were already aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.

Educational campaign “El Camino del Agua”, to raise awareness among schoolchildren about the sustainable use of water.

At ELMASA Tecnología del Agua, the employees themselves actively participate in decisions of a social nature by proposing, designing and executing ideas, such as the Corporate Culture Committee, formed by colleagues who promote and encourage the development of CSR.


We have received different awards that have recognized our social and environmental commitment, the most notable being:


César Manrique Environmental Award, granted by the Government of the Canary Islands.


“Gánigo del Turismo”, awarded by the Center for Initiatives and Tourism of Gran Canaria.


Gold Medal awarded by the Council of Gran Canaria.


Best SME in CSR in Las Palmas, awarded by the Las Palmas Chamber of Commerce.


Proexca Award for the best international project to SOLO H2O Canarian Water Solutions, jointly with the company Tagua