At ELMASA Tecnología del AGUA we apply maximum resourcefulness to finding bold solutions to the challenges posed, thanks to our technicians, specialized in giving concrete answers to the water needs raised. In this process we incorporate state-of-the-art technology and analyze the largest amount of data possible with our big data tools. We develop the task as a team, based on agile work methodologies and with the highest standards of safety and quality.

We adapt to all needs raised by our customers with flexibility and attentive listening. We make our customers participants in the idea, so as to grow together and achieve the best solution to each challenge posed.

At the same time taking care of the environment throughout the process, making it a priority for our company to always ensure sustainability, a premise which has existed since the company’s origins. In this way ELMASA Tecnología del Agua was already a pioneer at a national and European level in the re-use of treated water for the irrigation of golf courses and gardens in the 1970s.


of desalination and treatment plants; mechanical and electrical facilities and servicing of any hydraulic infrastructure

We are specialists in the design of all aspects of desalination plants (water intake work, reject water work or processing facilities). Likewise, we carry out refurbishing projects on existing desalination and treatment plants so as to reduce their energy consumption and improve water quality. In addition, we carry out 3D preliminary designs, to work with the client on the best solution adapted to their case, which then leads to an exact replica in the final work carried out.

And we apply innovation to all our processes. Some outstanding examples of R+D+i would be the following: studies for recharging aquifers with treated water; pilot studies for the reuse of treated water in agriculture; studies and implementation of brine concentrators; manufacture and implementation of Venturi eductors or pilot plant tests for the study and analysis of processes and materials in the different stages of water supply treatment and production.


We have our own workshop, located in the Polígono Industrial de Arinaga (Arinaga Industrial Estate), in Gran Canaria, where we can fully guarantee the manufacture and assembly work necessary for the project we are working on. A workshop to carefully tend and individually handcraft each assignment we receive. The workshop also has a large office space, where our engineers work side by side with the workshop technicians, forming a unified team to achieve the best results to any arising needs.

Operation andMaintenance

We are responsible for the operation, maintenance and conservation of our own hydraulic facilities, which guarantee the water supply service to the municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana, in Gran Canaria. These facilities are made up of wells and boreholes, pumping stations and elevated water transport networks, dams, reservoirs and the Maspalomas 1 seawater desalination plant.

We have also provided management and maintenance services for external facilities, such as Seawater Desalination Plants (SDP), Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) and Sewage Pumping Stations (SPS) in the southwest of ​​Gran Canaria and other islands of the Canary Islands.

This experience in Operation and Maintenance, developed through more than 50 years of company activity, has provided us with the necessary knowledge to manage any hydraulic infrastructure with all the required guarantees.

The basis of ourKnow How

To successfully undertake our objectives, we are inspired by five fundamental premises:


Our technology is clean and clear,like water.